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  • 2013Chianti: A brilliant vintage and one that has evolved beautifully from initial release. At the best, they represent some of the greatest-ever efforts from Chianti and the surrounding areas, while the top-to-bottom quality is reliable and easily rewards the pricetag.

    Bolgheri: A cool, composed vintage that produced wines of elegance that will age beautifully. Although it lacked some of the heat traditionally akin to the area, the long, steady growing season allowed for the fruit to develop beautifully at an easy pace.


  • 2012Brunello:  An exciting vintage that has many critics reaching for comparisons to great vintages like 2010, 2007, or 2004.  They might be in the shadow of the other-worldly 10’s due to the hype of that campaign, but quality-wise they are exciting from top to bottom and will go toe-to-toe in due time

    Chianti: Perhaps the underdog in 2012 Tuscany, those who navigated early heat and late rains came through with some charming, ripe, and racy styles that show the early accessibility of well-made Sangiovese

    Bolgheri:  Another warm vintage, perhaps not to the degree of its partner in 2011. The wines are exuberant and expressive at a young age with dramatic flavors and an easygoing nature. 


  • 2011Brunello:  Often overlooked next to the great 2010 and 2012, the 11’s are charming and early-drinking examples of Sangiovese Grosso that will find many admirers in those looking to wait for other more compact and demanding vintages. 

    Chianti: A warm, riper style resulted in accessible, racy Sangiovese that highlights the exuberance of the varietal.  Good quality across the spectrum and a great starting place for those new to the region

    Bolgheri:  Rich, concentrated, and the best of the wines handle this character beautifully. Warm, dry conditions throughout the year highlighted the more exuberant side of the best of the international Tuscan style.


  • 2010Brunello:  Considered the greatest modern vintage in Brunello and the standard against which future and past vintages will be measured for a time to come. The perfect combination of concentration, structure, depth, and ageability. There’s also a terrific level of quality from top to bottom.

    Chianti: Similar to Brunello, 2010 Chianti is qualitatively off the chart, reminiscent of the tremendous 2004s but with a bit more volume and depth.  

    Bolgheri:  Similar to their brethren in Bordeaux, 2010 is the more structured of the tremendous 2009/2010 duo that saw some of the great releases in the region to date. Both are big winners, but the final say will probably depend on a personal preference.


  • 2009Brunello: A tough task up against the greats like 2006, 2007, and 2010 around it, the 2009s never fully recovered from an early hot spot that Chianti and especially Bolgheri were more apt to navigate. There are definitely some bright spots, but this is a vintage to be selective in.

    Chianti: A hot year but without the relief that coastal Tuscany saw, the wines don’t lack for concentration or richness in 2009. It bodes well for these wines in their youth, and the wines with the structure and acidity will age well.  

    Bolgheri: Similar to their brethren in Bordeaux, 2009 is the more ripe and vibrant of the tremendous 2009/2010 duo that saw some of the great releases in the region to date. Both are big winners, but the final say will probably depend on a personal preference.


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