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  • 2013 - A graceful and expressive vintage, this has the balance of classic Piedmont with the character of some of the banner vintages like ’06 and ’10. Accessible but ageworthy wines, more on the elegant side. A collector or drinker’s vintage, strong for both Barolo and Barbaresco.


  • 2012 - Mid-weight and accessible, 2012 is a charming vintage of wines that are reminiscent of the 2005s—a vintage that has aged and developed surprisingly well. A great option while some of the surrounding vintages age, and a place to look for value in higher-end options.


  • 2011 - A warm and early vintage produced resplendent wines that are often in the shadow of the extraordinarily popular 2010s.  For those who like flashier, more immediate wines, the 2011s have a ton to offer in the style of, for example, 2007.  Barbaresco fared slightly better than Barolo and some might argue that 2011 was more successful in that particular commune.


  • 2010 - An incredible vintage for Piedmont and Barolo in specific. Some would say the ideal balance of concentration, expression of site, and ageworthiness. Borrowing a little bit of the great vintages surrounding it, 2010 will be the point-of-reference for most great vintages in the future (and past) in Piedmont.


  • 2009 - In between the classic ‘08s and triumphant ‘10s, 2009s have a tough time finding their signature. Light, graceful wines, they are often savvy buys for the most successful labels and an easy-drinking Piedmont vintage if there ever was one.


  • 2008 - Super classic and elegant, these are the counterpoint to the flamboyant and immediate 2007s. For those looking for old-school Barolo and Barbaresco, the top producers have certainly made some stunning examples in this vein. 


  • 2007 - Rich and expressive, 2007 produced some big, bold, but balanced wines that show what Piedmont can accomplish when a vintage is rich but not over-the-top. Some of the best examples of this vintage have potential to be all-time classics and it is a great year for those looking to get a friendly introduction to the wines of Piedmont.


  • 2006 - Super classic in that the wines are concentrated and often massively tannic. For those who enjoy that style, it doesn’t get much better than 2006. Wines for the cellar and of exceptional quality across the board, they are also wines for the patient as well.  It is the ideal marriage of modern Piedmont and classic structure.


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