Giovanni Blazon took over the Blason property from his family, who had passed down the estate for the previous 100 years. They traditionally grew grapes and sold them to winemakers, but it was Giovanni who took Blazon into the new age of winemaking. The estate is located in a region called Isonzo, a flat area riddled with stones and alluvial soils from the nearby Alps that runs clear to the Adriatic. All of Blason's vineyards is planted in this terrain. We began working with Blazon directly beginning with the 2001 vintage. They grow friulano, chardonnay, pinot grigio, malvasia istriana, ribolla gialla as well as cabernet and merlot. While Giovanni was new to winemaking when he first started out, he now has a consulting enologist who helps increase the quality of the wines vintage by vintage. Each year they improve the vineyards and the winemaking techniques to add depth and complexity to the flavors. Recently they've been moving more towards native Friulian varietals rather than the more-acclaimed international cabernet and merlot. The Blazon wines have weight, richness, and depth with subtlety.