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  • 2016 - One of the shortest seasons on record, with warm and dry conditions persisting from start to finish. Producers were forced to work double-time at harvest to bring in all the fruit in a timely fashion (yields were up significantly from the previous two vintages). Nonetheless, the finished wines are showing very good initial balance and phenolic ripeness. Despite the compressed time frame, 2016 should become a winner for fans of classic South Australia regions.

  • 2015 - According to most a “textbook” vintage. Near perfect conditions prevailed throughout the growing season. Wines are robust, pure and structured. A record heat spike in February meant that winemakers had to be on their toes to pull in fruit before it got too ripe.


  • 2014 - A roller coaster vintage. Frosts caused issues in the spring, rains and wind disrupted flowering and fruit set, then near record heat spikes affect vines during mid-summer. Harvest started early before being stopped in it’s tracks by multiple inches of rain. Despite the challenges faced the best sites and producers made some good wines, but certainly a vintage to follow the producers you know and trust.


  • 2013 - A warm, early vintage with some pronounced heat spikes. Quite big, dark, forward wines. Some great wines were made but the best of 2010 and 2012 will surpass them with time.


  • 2012 - Well hydrated vines from the deluge of 2011 produced and good crop of beautiful fruit across the region. The wines are lush, rich and powerful. Many are quite forward in their youth unlike the 2010s, but will no doubt age very well also.


  • 2011 - A very challenging vintage. The coldest and wettest most can remember. But, and there is always a but, some good wines were made by those who were exceptionally selective and with ancient vineyards that seen vintages like this in the past.


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