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  • 2017 - The west of the country had a more challenging season in 2017, with intermittent wet weather and cool temperatures forcing growers to take extra care in the vineyard, but the marquis regions and the best producers still made truly elegant and outstanding Cabernet and Chardonnays, especially in Margaret River. Great Southern dealt with much the same conditions throughout the season, but all in all, despite the difficulties, if producers took what the vintage gave them and worked diligently in the vineyard, chances are they made excellent wines in 2017. The highlights are truly exceptional Riesling and Pinot Noir, with the welcome addition of highly perfumed Shiraz, as well. The general quality of the finished wines in 2017 is a testament to the level of winemaking and viticulture skills currently at work in Western Australia.

  • 2016 - A cold, wet winter led to an extended bud break and much higher yields. Rain at harvest pressured the growers, and while some regions suffered some difficulty with white varietals, by and large the rain didn't affect the quality of the reds at all. The cool weather should result in very fine wines overall, especially from the top estates in Margaret River.

  • 2015 - Another solid year in WA. Perhaps not as good across the board as the previous three to four years but certainly not bad. Some people note the region being ravaged by birds leading to lots of spoiled fruit.


  • 2014 - WA had less of a dramatic season than most parts of Australia despite getting off to a rough start with poor conditions during flowering and fruit set. However the summer was stable, moderate and a long dry fall allowed growers to pick at will. The resulting wines are of very high quality.


  • 2013 - Like a mantra the good vintages keep rolling for WA. Again consistently good wines were made across the region with little in the way of major weather events to negatively impact the growing season.


  • 2012 - Yet another good vintage. Quite classically styled and varietal. Bolder wines than in 2011 and maybe a bit more consistent across the region.


  • 2011 - Somewhat overshadowed by the dramatically wet and challenging seasons other major growing regions of Australia, WA quietly enjoyed another good vintage. Classically aromatic cabernets, more gamey shiraz, and linear chardonnay


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