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  • 2017 - This is a vintage where productions levels are plentiful in the Côte d'Or, something that’s not the norm in the region. Quality is very high for the whites, with many comparisons to the treasured 2014s where the wines showed great depth, focus, and structure. The reds are more of an elegant and classic style—not the structured 16’s or the generous 15’s. That said, they’re not behind those vintages qualitatively, as many producers made some truly transcendent wines; it is more of a point of comparison, as it has become clear that Burgundy is on a very strong run spanning this trio of years, and the wines are just strikingly different in style. For 2017 Chablis, the region was devastated by hail early in the growing season, so production is sharply down. The wines that did survive, however, were treated to a very good growing season and the wines are turning out strong.

  • 2016 - While both reds and whites from Burgundy will be outstanding in their quality, the problem is going to be quantities. It was either hail or frost, or both through the region and in many cases growers lost as much as 80% of their crop. The berries that remained were of a high quality and the lower yields on the vine produced concentrated fruit flavors with fantastic acidity. It's just that there's not much to go around. Prices will likely be high as a result, which means stocking up on 2014 and 2015 wines is a great idea for fans of the region.

  • 2015 - This is an absolutely extraordinary vintage for red wines that will go down as a classic down the road. Throughout the Nuit and the Beaune the pinot noirs have structure, fruit, and acidity in complete harmony. Many experts are considering 2015 to be the best vintage for reds since 2010, and are putting it up there with 2005 as a comparison. The exciting part about 2015 is that the whites didn't suffer from the warmth. While they showcase riper fruit, there's still plenty of acidity to keep them fresh. It's another fine year for Chablis with crisp and saline acidity, and the whites for the Côte d'Or are fleshy and full from the warm growing season.


  • 2014 - While the vintage was troubled by early budbreak and difficulties during flowering, not to mention a huge hail storm that recked havoc in mid-summer and reduced crop sizes by almost half in some extreme cases, the reds of 2014 are classic and textbook in their flavor. We tasted through reds from the entire Côte d'Or on our trip through the region and found charming fruit with lovely spice and structure from the north to the south. 2014 was a great vintage in Chablis and excellent on the whole for most of the whites. This is a vintage to stock up on for strong white appellations like St. Aubin, Puligny-Montrachet, and Chassagne-Montrachet. The reds are a bit lighter with potent acidity, better overall in the Côtes de Nuit than in the Beaune.


  • 2013 - Another difficult growing season that began with a wet Spring and reported serious damage due to hellacious hail storms. Warm weather arrived in Summer that threatened to turn all that moisture into rot, so growers had to be vigilant in the vineyards. The reds in the Côtes de Nuit were charming in style with pretty fruit flavors and balanced acidity. The Côtes de Beaune was hit harder by the hail and supplies were low in some communes. The whites were solid in some areas, but a bit lacking in others. Careful selection and research will reward savvy shoppers.


  • 2012 - This was a good vintage for both red and white wines in the region. There were some complications during summer and some hail in the Côtes de Beaune that hampered growers, but the fine weather in September helped prevent disaster. As is usually the case in Burgundy, the vintage isn't consistent from front to back, so shoppers will have to navigate commune by commune and producer by producer, but there are some great values to be had.


  • 2011 - The 2011 vintage in Burgundy is definitely a tricky one for reds, but the whites are generally well-made and pleasing. The reds are lighter and fresher, without the depth or fullness that one would hope for from a great Burgundy vintage, and—as is usually the case—there is a significant amount of variation from commune to commune.


  • 2010 - It was a back-to-back win for the Côtes de Nuits in 2010, following up the outstanding 2009 vintage with an even better showing this time around. The Côtes de Beaune was strong as well, albeit not as consistent as in the Nuit, but the wines are balanced and well-structured from front to back. Overall, it's a classic vintage for reds and definitely one to collect for both the cellar and mid-range drinking.


  • 2009 - A fantastic year for reds in the region with plenty of ripeness and approachable fruit that shows well in the early stages of drinking. The only possible drawback is that some of the wines lack the trademark acidity of the region, but there are many gorgeous expressions to be had. This is a vintage to drink and enjoy in the short term.


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