While we can't necessarily import our own wines from California and Oregon (considering it's our own backyard), that doesn't mean we don't do exclusive products with our nearby neighbors. Our domestic wine team is constantly on the road, exploring new wineries and working out direct deals to bring unique and interesting expressions to our local wine selection. That could mean the purchase of a particular lot, a special deal on a back vintage of library wine, or even the creation of an exclusive K&L cuvée. If you walk into one of our stores and see a familiar label, but adorned with a gigantic K&L logo, then you'll know exactly what we're talking about. From Sta. Rita Hills to the Willamette Valley, we're teaming up with the best producers in the U.S. to bring you a more diverse selection. 

For an overview of our program by region, check out the list below:


  • Qupe
  • Au Bon Climat
  • Clendenen Family
  • Patricia Green
  • Trisaetum
  • Bethel Heights
  • Talley
  • Ancient Peaks
  • Brewer Clifton
  • Margerum
  • York Creek


  • Eisold-Smith