Corbieres is a hilly and rocky region region formed when the Pyrenees Mountains were created 500 million years ago.  The land is covered in windswept garrigue.  The primary soil is limestone with a mix of schist, red clay, galets roulés and marl.  As the fourth largest appellation in France, it was best known for bulk wines that were on the wild and rustic side.  This is Carignan and Grenache country.  Now as more producers begin to advance artisanal winemaking in the region, our own producer Sophie Guiradon and her Clos de l’Anhel wines are at the forefront of this movement.  Sophie is a one woman show.  She is certified organic, has a non-interventionist view towards winemaking and does virtually everything on her own.  She has three standout wines that we are so happy to represent.  The "Lolo de l'Anhel" Corbieres has been a tremendous staff favorite.  It is primarily Carignan with lovely fruit, garrigue and violet aromas.  This is Corbieres at its entry level finest.  The “Les Terrassettes” from older vines is also based on Carignan but with more Grenache in the blend and a touch of Syrah.  The wine is gorgeous with its rich fruit, floral aromatics and roasted plum qualities.  The “Les Dimanche” Corbieres is the oldest vine fruit generally from Sophie’s highest altitude vineyards.  Detailed and precise, this wine lingers on the palate.  Give it a little air in a decanter or better yet, put a few bottles away.  Like Sophie, this is a keeper.