When we first saw Marie Chauffray's Reserve d’O wines, we were intrigued.  The packaging bears a striking resemblance to a certain Vosne Romanee producer famous for their highly allocated wines.  These labels caught our eye again at the Vinifilles tasting in Montpellier.  The Vinifilles (which means wine girls) is an association of women producers who own and operate their own estates. From growing to winemaking to marketing they are involved in every aspect of their wineries’ success. Later in the evening when the food came out, Marie’s 2010 Reserve d’O was featured with a Boudon Noir with a chutney of onions and apple wafers. The pairing was breathtaking.  The evening ended and I expressed to her how wonderful the wines were and that her food and wine pairing was our favorite of the event.  Was this the equivalent of a hug at the end of a date?  We persisted the next day and visited her at the Wine Fair.  Each time we tasted, we were entranced by the wines. Marie owned a wine shop but always wanted to pursue growing.  She and her husband Frederic began looking for a vineyard and it took ten years to find the perfect plot. The vineyard, which is planted on limestone gravel at a unique site 400 meters above sea level, is in the Terrasses du Larzac sub-region of Languedoc. They are certified both Ecocert Organic and Demeter Biodynamic.  Needless to say we found common ground and our relationship began with an agreement to begin importing the wines directly to K&L. It's a relationship we hope lasts for years to come.  

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