Domaine du Miquer that is run by Jacques Lasserre. Jacques is a veteran of the business and for years was the distiller for many other producers in the region (remember that many Armagnac producers have no stills and hire other people to distill their wine). He knows the production from the vineyard to the bottle and you can tell it right away when you taste his brandy. They are polished and exquisite in quality. His crazy old still was made in 1900 and continues to create one masterpiece after another.

There have been a number of Miquer selections over the years that we've imported for K&L. Even though Jacques only has six hectares of fruit, with which only four are dedicated to distillation, he has tons of great booze. We can't really ask for better brandy to sell at K&L. Jacques Miquer is also a very nice guy, exactly the kind of person we want to be doing more business with.