Today run by the two brothers Dario and Luciano, the Ermacora family has been growing grapes on their Friulian estate for more than 100 years. Luciano is the vineyard manager, while Dario is the winemaker/sales guy. They live in a big house on the property where they work in tandem to keep the Ermacora label running. Ermacora makes wine from classic Friulian grapes: pinot grigio, pinot bianco, ribolla giallla, as well as traditional red varietals like schioppettino, refosco, and pignolo. They also make a Picolit sweet wine. The Ermacora wines are always received well by critics in Italy, but are subtle in style and have supreme delicacy. Each expression has a pure varietal flavor and firm acidity with weight to give proper balance. They're often slightly aromatic with real depth. The wines also age incredibly well, up to a decade in some instances, and can develop further complexities beyond their youthful freshness.