The Fuenteseca project was started as a label for ultra-mature tequilas by Jake Lustig who runs the ArteNOM brand and producer Enrique Fonseca who owns NOM 1146 La Tequileña distillery in the town of Tequila. Being one of the largest owners of agave in Jalisco and have aged inventory that dwarfs most other producers in the region, Enrique has maturing tequilas in his warehouse that date back to the early 1990s, giving him some of the oldest spirits ever produced in the genre. While Enrique had previously blended these ancient tequilas into some of this extra añejo expressions, he had never bottled them individually with age statements and dates until recently. In a collaboration between Jake, Enrique, and K&L, we've been able to travel directly to Enrique's estate in Jalisco, taste through barrels, and put together blends of the ultra-mature tequilas especially for our store. With anywhere between five and twenty-five years of age, the tequilas take on an almost brandy-like character with richness from extra time in wood. They're the gold standard for añejo tequilas on the market, always bottled without the addition of caramel coloring or sweeteners.