Georgetown Vineyard is one of the most fascinating blocks of vines in New Zealand. Planted in 2002, in a "burgundian" manner, the vines are very high density planted with only a few feet in between rows / vines. The vines themselves are trellised super low to the ground - just above knee high. Now well established with roots 10 feet deep, the vineyard is almost entirely dry grown with very minimal irrigation. Combine this with the high density planting and it is easy to see why this unique little vineyard produces some very distinctive and very good Pinot Noir! Owner / viticulturalist Ian Dee is well known around Central Otago as an all around great guy and very talented grape grower with 17 years of experience. He meticulously tends his vineyard entirely by hand. When it comes to winemaking, for the 2012 vintage Ian called upon the skills of Mount Edward owner / winemaker, and Central Otago legend, Duncan Forsyth to give shape to the Georgetown fruit. Only 250 cases total production!