Gran Dovejo is a private tequila label run out of Dixon, California that contracts tequila from the Vivancos distillery (NOM 1414) in Arandas, Jalisco. We've been working directly with them since 2011 and have recently begun purchasing single barrels of añejo maturity tequila to bottle exclusively for K&L. 

The red soil of Los Altos extends down the hill from Jesus-Maria and into the town of Arandas: a mecca for Highland tequila production that includes Cazadores and La Alteña—the home of Ocho and Tapatío. Part of what makes the Vivanco tequilas so special is their yeast production and fermentation process. They actually plant citrus trees along side their agave fields so that the pollen will drop down and spread onto the agave leaves; encouraging the cultivation of natural airborne yeast in the campos. When the agave is harvested, they scrape the leaves and collect the residue in a petri dish where they then begin a strain for fermentation. Maturation is done in ex-Jack Daniels barrels for a smooth and mellow flavor.

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