La Chablisiènne is a co-operative winery located in the town of Chablis that owns roughly 25% of the region's vineyards, making it the largest landowner in Chablis proper.  They make more than a dozen different chardonnays, each from a different vineyard location, and each with its own unique flavor profile. Its goal as a producer and philosophy as a winemaker is to purely express the nature of each site. La Chablisienne doesn't have a house style. They use simple winemaking that reflects the character of the vineyard, nothing more. With so many different holdings and expressions and only one straightforward method of production, one can get a pretty good understanding of Chablis's complexity simply by tasting through the Chablisiènne portfolio. They range from saline and salty to round and seductive—and everywhere in between. All of the expressions are 10% aged in barrel, 20% of which is new. 

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