In addition to collaborating on four acres of fruit in Brouilly, Michel and Robert Perroud took over their father's winemaking estate in Colgny, a family tradition that goes back seven generations all the way to the French Revolution! Over time they've made a few changes to that family legacy, investing in new rootstock, planting additional varietals like chardonnay, pinot noir, and viognier, as well as making a committed effort to organic and sustainable farming, They've built upon their father's foundation and wholeheartedly managed to bring the wines into the new millennium. Their commitment to sustainability didn't end in the vineyard, however. In 2007, Michel and his wife built an energy-producing home on the estate, along with a bed and breakfast for visitors. Their Brouilly wines are concentrated and packed with flavor, while their simple Bourgogne rouge and blanc expressions are charming and incredibly pure. We're very excited to be working directly with the duo.

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