The Gift That Keeps On Giving

While most of this year's K&L trip to Bordeaux focused on tasting and evaluating the 2015 vintage, we managed to squeeze in quite a few appointments with negociant houses in the region in order to load up on back vintages as well. While it was great to taste some of the great 95's and more from the fantastic 2005 harvest, I have to admit: the more I continue to taste the wines of 2012, the more I'm absolutely captivated by their subtlety, elegance, and overall quality. We've spelled out the situation before as to why pricing for 2012 has remained relatively low: the wines were difficult to evaluate in their youth and none of the main critics wanted to stick their neck out for an uncertainty (just in case the wines ended up being terrible). It turns out that not only were the wines really good; in fact, most of them were down right delicious. We just brought in a few more shipments from this past Spring's purchases that offer more evidence of this phenomenon:

Top quality Margaux for forty bucks? That's drinkable today? Yes, please! The 2012 Marquis de Terme is dark and fleshy with loads of cassis fruit and lightly gritty tannins that provide just enough structure for a quick five year cellar run. It's a pretty wine, one that expands for minutes on the finish. The power of our direct importation is on full display here with this value proposition. On the same container were fresh supplies of 2012 Issan, Chevalier Rouge, and even Gloria in magnums! All these wines are under sixty bucks and they're delicious (and the Gloria is two bottles worth!). For holiday drinking and short term cellar aging, we're sending our best customers home with the gift that keeps on giving: 2012 Bordeaux. For a full list of what's in stock right now, click here.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll