Bordeaux Trip Highlights

Since I was the head photographer on this past Spring's trip to the 2015 Bordeaux en primeur tastings, my colleagues asked me recently if I could compile a photo album for the gang of six—the rag tag group of K&L tasters who fearlessly packed themselves into a blue minivan for eight straight days, drinking from morning until midnight, pickling their livers for the benefit of our customers. While I posted quite a few shots during that period while live blogging here at On the Trail, I thought I'd post a few additional romantic images that didn't quite make the cut—just to get you in the mood! Every time I think I'm tired of drinking red wine, I look at these photos and I get right back into the Bordeaux frame of mind.

The stunning grounds of Pichon-Baron set to the tune of the morning sun. While the others went in to say hello and prepare the tasting, I ran outside to take advantage of the lighting.

The tasting at Cos d'Estournal was done in a moody and atmospheric room with no other illumination other than from the table itself. Many of the château-sponsored events are as fashionable and artistic as they are delicious! But that's the French. That's why we love them.

Our second morning found us in the cellars of Lynch Bages while the cellar master was checking the wine via candlelight for color and concentration.

While exploring the vast cellars of Mähler-Besse, Ralph discovered some Mouton from his birth year: 1955. 

One of the most intimate and revelatory tastings we experienced on the trip was at Vieux Château Certan with director Alexandre Thienpont. A few of us thought it was the best wine of the vintage, but I'm sure the church-like atmosphere had a lot to do with that.

I woke up early one morning while staying at Château Beauregard and took some photos of the grounds. There was a pond out back that looked like a moat to a castle with lili pads that reminded me of sliced vegetables.

I probably have about a hundred of these action shots from afar with the gang strolling Tarantino style into various estates. 

Deep into the now-epic Latour dinner with château director Frédéric Engerer, it appears the esteemed winemaker is struggling to hear one of Clyde's many jokes. That or he can't believe his ears! I've thrown in the towel (literally a napkin) on my confit.

Mood and lighting are once again important when tasting with the giant negoçiant Joanne. Alex Pross is preparing himself for the onslaught.

Most of our time in Bordeaux was spent doing this. Here we're in St. Emilion with Angélus director Stephanie de Bouard-Rivoal.

We spent a lot of time doing this as well. Here Phil and I are traversing the underground cellars at Château Smith-Haut-Lafitte, looking for the perfect wine to pair with lunch. 

Speaking of wine with lunch...I'm getting thirsty.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll