Back on the Road

I'm getting back on the horse this weekend (by horse, I mean on a plane) to meet up with some of our buyers currently working out of France's Rhône Valley (as you probably gathered from the previous post). K&L's co-owner Trey Beffa and I will fly to Paris, rent a car, and head east to Burgundy where we'll meet up with Alex Pross and begin our tasting trip through the region. We've got a heck of a schedule lined up and per the norm I'll be updating live here at On the Trail the entire way. The adventure beings in Chablis and moves further south from there. We'll be checking in at La Chablisienne, Tremblay, and Laroche before moving deeper into the Côte d'Or and stopping by some of our favorite producers. I suggest buying some Burgundy this weekend so that you can drink along with us. I'm going to break down the whole region from front to back as best I can with plenty of photos and stories from the road.

Stay tuned!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll