Pictures of Gascony

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I could continue to recount every single visit I've paid to each Armagnac producer over the last seventy-two hours, but at some point I think information overload sets in and enough is enough. I've tasted enough brandy over the last few days to last me a lifetime and I'll spare you the details for now. When we get closer to game time and the bottles are imported, paid for, and delivered, I'll write up a few more articles with specifics about each distiller. In the meantime, however, I thought I'd post some of the better photos I've taken this week. Gascony is a very picturesque place, especially if you catch the lighting just right. I've shot more than 1000 photos thus far, carefully documenting my experiences as I go, but in the end only a handful are really worth looking at. Here are a few that I think truly capture the mood.

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Hanging out in the centuries-old chai at Domaine d'Ognoas with Patrick Arnaud, one of the most experienced Armagnac distillers in the region.

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An alambic still sits proudly in the dining room at the home of a small producer. 

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The garden outside a small domaine in the Bas-Armagnac.

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Glass demijohns of extremely rare vintages sit behind barrels in an old cellar.

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Heading into an old estate in search of more barrels.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll