Pilgrim Punch

As we head toward Thanksgiving, there are beverage pairing recommendations right and left, and it got me to wondering—what did the Pilgrims drink at the first Thanksgiving? Wine was expensive and wouldn’t have lasted the journey from England. They drank beer on the Mayflower, but had no barley or hops to make more of it once they landed. What they had in spades was apples, so fermented apple cider was most likely the tipple of choice at that first feast.

Our Spirits Samurai, David OG, has created a Champagne cocktail that is elegant enough for a contemporary feast, but harkens back to the sensibilities of those early voyaging Pilgrims. It’s bright and tangy and apple-infused, with a complex layering of flavors—but it’s easy as pie.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Owl & Whale Sea Smoke Bitters

Angeleno Amaro

Somerset Cider Brandy Co. Kingston Black Apple Liqueur

Baron-Fuenté Demi-Sec Champagne

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers. We are very thankful for you!

- Kate Soto