Exploring Together

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You’ve all heard recently about the exciting things happening with our wine clubs, with David getting involved, but you may not know that we also are offering a “Personal Sommelier” service. Basically, this is an opportunity to connect with one of our staff members and explore wine (or spirits, or beer!) together. I’m pretty excited about what we’ve got going here. You’ve seen our adventures around the world as you’ve followed us On the Trail, and you know how our endless love for the grape and the grain is constantly bringing us in contact with new and exciting regions, bottling, and producers. Well, here’s a chance to taste along with us.

What we’re doing with this service, is connecting you with your own K&L “Somm”, who works with you on a monthly basis to find wines, beer, or spirits for you. For us, it’s what we love. When we discover something we’re over the moon about, we want to share that with you. But let’s be clear: this is all on your own terms. Maybe you want a full case of cellarable wines once a month, or maybe you just want a best new find under $15. That’s what this program is all about—sharing our favorites with you in a personal way, based on your own interests. Also, we love a good challenge—say you’re a Pinot lover, and you want to explore other varietals that have some of that character. Well, we love it. We’ll scour our inventory for something fun and interesting that you might not have run across before. Take a quick look at our “Sommelier” page. This might be something you’d like to try!

On the blog you’re getting a snapshot of great producers, wines, or experiences, but it’s really only a small piece of our day-to-day. There are so many more varietals, wineries and regions that we’re exploring here at K&L, and we’d love to share that with you, personally. Pick out your own “Somm” from our K&L staff, and start the tasting adventure with us!

-Heather Gowen

Heather Vander Wall