Need an Attainable New Years Resolution? How About Wine?

Learn to read (and understand!) German wines.

Learn to read (and understand!) German wines.

New Year’s Resolutions are great. It’s a chance for self improvement - to get healthier, exercise more, spend less, etc. But tedious, difficult resolutions often get broken. U.S. News reported that 80-percent of New Year’s Resolutions are dropped by February. So this year, I am all about choosing a resolution that will stick - something that is not only beneficial, but enjoyable. Instead, 2019 is the year to follow a passion - to learn more, experience more and dive a little deeper. So, if you’ve had a love for wine simmering, now is the time to fan the flames. And the best thing about this type of resolution is that instead of starting strong then fizzling, it will only pick up momentum as it goes.

Any expert will tell you, the best way to stick to your commitment is to make it realistic and attainable. You don’t need travel Japan to learn about Sake or to the Left Bank to understand Bordeaux. In fact, that type of big ticket, high effort investment is a sure way to lose sight of your goal. Insead, find simple, everyday things that cumulatively add to your resolution. For example, if you want to learn more about wines from Spain, there are several ways you can immerse yourself without ever jumping on a plane. I recommend keeping your eyes and ears constantly open for opportunities - read more, talk more, and if you want to learn more about a particular wine (or wine in general) taste, taste, and taste some more.


Lucky for you, at K&L we have plenty of opportunities that will allow you to go in depth into the world of wine, and if you sign up to receive emails, most of that info will be sent directly to your inbox. (The effort-to-reward ratio is very promising.) This week, our tasting bar will re-open after its holiday hiatus, and from Thursday through Saturday every week throughout the year, we will have a variety of tasting opportunities. Our weekday tastings put the spotlight on a specific region or producer, and are often hosted by winemakers, distributors, distillers and brewers. The Saturday tastings offer an even broader exploration of the world's most celebrated wine producing regions. Each week, we’ll feature around a dozen examples of a region’s most engaging and popular bottles.

We also offer an amazing amount of wine reviews, newsletters, themed emails and more that will guide you through whichever wine route you choose to pursue. There are over thirty ways to customize the emails you receive, including information on local events, in-store tastings, and a variety of region-specific wine emails. You can even select how often you receive them. Lastly, I always recommend stopping in and talking with our super knowledgeable staff who can guide you through various regions, varietals and your growing taste preferences.  

Cheers to New Year’s resolutions!

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- Megan Greene

Megan Greene