Not Just For Special Occasions


It is a common notion that Champagne is reserved for special occasions.  If you ask me, there are just too many fantastic Champagnes and not nearly enough special occasions. The sheer number and diversity of Champagnes out there call for all sorts of occasions, not simply the special ones. There are those serious Champagnes  whose complexity requires contemplation, those curious Champagnes that are cause for nerdy speculation and discussion with friends, then there are those fun, ready-to-party champagnes that turn up your get-togethers. Then you have the entrancing Champagnes that are smooth, elegant and bursting with delicate bubbles that keep you returning to the glass over and over, continually discovering its nuances.

Case in point: The Pierre Mineral Brut Champagne. Produced by the legendary Phillipe Gonet, this bottling consists of 60% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Meunier. All the fruit is sourced from the Gonet family estate which extends from Marne, Montagne de Reims, Sezanne and the Cote de Blancs. At a first sip, it may seem like the kind of the champagne that is fun, simple and perfect for a party, but as you continue to drink, you discover its complexity and absorbing charm. The nose is delicate with flower aromas, rich toasty notes and citrus zest while the palate is focused and powerful finishing rich with restrained minerality and acid. A balance of elegant and crisp, this champagne is a remarkable value buy for such a top-notch champagne.

Whether you’re heading to a birthday party, ordering sushi take-out or preparing a charcuterie plate, Champagne is the versatile wine you can enjoy with virtually any dish throughout the year. The Pierre Mineral Brut is a bottle you’d enjoy over and over again!

-Elsa Baez

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