Another very small producer from Montalcino that has taken on an almost legendary status with our customer, Poggiarellino is located further north in Montalcino below the plateau near Altesino. Ludovico Ginotti and his wife Anna inherited the property, and came to winemaking late in life with no previous experience. He was an insurance agent in Sienna, she was a teacher, but they retired to Montalcino and decided to get their hands dirty. Their first vintage was 1997, but they only made about fifty cases as a trial run. Traditionally they just sold the grapes to other winemakers in the area, but today they're up to about 500 cases a year. The vineyard sits high up on the slope and faces toward the southwest. The grapes take on a very wild cherry flavor with earth and game hints, and the wine has traditional, old school flavor that make one of our most robust selections.