The vineyards of Ragnaud-Sabourin stretch far over the hills in Grand Champage. Thirty-three hectares of Ugni Blanc with a bit of Folle Blanche as far as the eye can see. This estate is known throughout France as having the goods and is indeed related to another of our direct producers: Raymond Ragnaud. The original owner of the estate, Gaston Briand, had a daughter who married a man named Marcel Ragnaud – brother of Raymond. Marcel passed away unfortunately in 1996 and left the estate to his daughter Annie. She married Mr. Sabourin and, voilée, the Ragnaud-Sabourin Cognac house was born.

Ragnaud-Sabourin's incredible Cognacs are known all over France for one very good reason: they're the most polished, elegant, supple, and beautifully smooth brandies on the market. Distilled from only the best Grand Champagne vineyard fruit on an antique copper pot still, the Cognacs have an incredible pureness of fruit, balanced by just the right amount of richness from the oak maturation. We think you'll be hard-pressed to find fault with any of their selections.