Located on the south face of Montalcino, Sesta di Sopra sits high upon that slope overlooking the Sopra region. Sesta is an actual place below the property and sesta means "above" in Italian, so the name literally means "above Sopra." The soil is all galestro soil, which is considered the best for sangiovese. It’s an exfoliating shale that limits the vigor of the vine, naturally limiting the production of grapes without having to green harvest or resort to other methods typically used to reduce yields in favor of higher quality fruit. Ettore Spina was an international banker for forty years and bought the property in the early 80s, then decided to retire there and make wine. It took quite a while to restore the property which had previously been abandoned for thirty years, however retirement offers the freedom to undertake such projects and Ettore eventually planted a vineyard. The 1999 vintage was his first release of Brunello, which our buyer Greg tasted with keen interest. He immediately phoned Ettore and asked who was importing the wines to America, which is how the relationship with K&L began. Sesta di Soptra makes one thirty hectoliter barrel of Brunello each year, which amounts to about 340 cases total. They also make a Rosso di Montalcino and an IGT sangiovese. The entire estate grows less than three hectares of fruit, but Ettore also grows olives in his free time.