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  • 2016 - A dry winter and spring, including a scorching October, set the pace for another very early harvest.  Timely rains in January kept the heat from taking too much of a toll, as yields were up and quality is very solid across the board. Pinot Noir figures to be the star of the 2016 vintage in Yarra Valley.

  • 2015 - A great vintage with quite forward wines with great purity of fruit. Pinot and vhardonnay from Yarra Valley is especially good. One to load up on for sure.


  • 2014 - Tricky is how 2014 is described by most. Problematic storms during flowering reduced yields and similar storms during vintage meant that growers had to be very hands on and selective to preserve/pick good fruit. Again this is a vintage where the best of the best produced some great wines but had to employ all their skills to do so!


  • 2013 - Hearty wines, with good fruit and concentration. Riper fruit characters than the past several vintages, great early drinking wines that are forward and expressive.


  • 2012 - A great vintage after avery tough one. Bigger wines with power and concentration. A warm, but not hot season. Balanced wines with power and length.


  • 2011 - Very cool, wet and challenging. Quite savory herbal reds, some exceptional whites picked early with high acidity and laser like focus, especially good Yarra Chardonnay in a more linear style.


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