In 1973, Daniel Dugois bought two hectares of vineyard and a house equipped with wine cellars in a village called Les Arsures, where he was born. He cultivated the vineyard and sold his production regionally. In 1982, he made his first harvest into wine in his own cellars and began to sell his wine in bottles to consumers. His first ever harvest earned him his first Gold Medal for his Chardonnay at the Jura Wine Contest. Ever since, Daniel and his wife Monique have continued to work on the quality of their wines, mainly for clients met at various wine shows and fairs and during tasting visits to their cellars. Their efforts have since been recognized in many wine contests and guidebook reviews. In 2003, their son Philippe returned to the estate to lend a hand in the winemaking and in 2013 he took charge of the vineyard. 

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