It’s a Wrap! Another Successful Champagne Tent Event

What a weekend! Our annual, two-city Champagne Tent Event was another amazing success in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. The events drew sold-out crowds with a total of 300 guests attending each tasting. This year, we had approximately 20 producers pouring their wines, many of whom flew out directly from Champagne. The lineup of over 80 Champagnes was impressive, but the real draw of this event was the opportunity to meet and talk with these producers. 

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Many of our direct imports attend this event annually, and for several of them this is their only tasting they do in the US each year. We welcomed veteran visitors like Paul Fallet from Fallet-Dart, and Caroline and Paul-Vincent Aspasie from Ariston-Aspasie, as well as some first-timers like our new direct import Damien Hugot. As a whole, they are such a friendly group, eager to share and talk about their Champagnes. Whether you are just learning about wine, or a seasoned aficionado, there is so much to glean by leaning over the table and being able to talk with them directly.

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It’s amazing what a parking lot can transform into with when you pitch a tent and fill it with delicious Champagne. Within a few minutes of the doors opening, the line snaking down Harrison Street was inside and crowded around tables. Every person seemed to have a different approach to the afternoon - some with notebooks and pencils, others simply with a glass. The conversations flowed as freely as the Champagne, and the tent buzzed with people talking and sharing their experiences. 


There was a little bit of everything, from well-established, fan-favorites like Krug and Ruinart to our smallest, youngest producer Alexandre Le Brun, who makes wine from his family’s 3 hectare plot. The subtle nuances and distinct differences between wines and house styles really stands out at an event like this, where you get to taste them all back-to-back. Some of my favorites were surprises, but all of them were outstanding.

Thank you to all who came. We are so happy to have relationships with such talented producers and with such passionate customers.

Until next year! Cheers!

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Megan Greene