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New DI Producer to Watch: New Zealand's Matt Connell

New Zealand is killing it right now with Pinot Noir, and we at K&L are completely on board the NZ Pinot train. Our Australia/New Zealand Buyer Thomas Smith is one of its biggest advocates, and has brought in some stunning wines from new Direct Import producers that are really breathing life into the category for us. And we’re excited to use this blog space to introduce you to them. First up: a fellow by the name of Matt Connell.

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Just in Time for the Champagne Tent Event: Our Champagne Newsletter!

We at K&L are pretty jazzed about our Direct Import Champagnes, which undeniably deliver the finest bubbles-to-price ratio we’ve ever seen. In this week’s newsletter, we’re thrilled to introduce a few new producers to our shelves and to celebrate some of the tried-and-true who have offered consistent quality and value for years. They’ll get you in the mood for our annual tent event this weekend! Let the Champagne jubilee begin!

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