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Italian Whites Will Be Your Summer VIPs

With its Mediterranean climate and 4722 miles of coastline, Italy is a mecca for white wines. From north to south, there’s a vibrant seafood-based cuisine, and a litany of whites to accompany it. And now that we’re in peak summer, it’s a great time to branch out beyond Pinot Grigio (though we have a killer Pinot Grigio on this list, too!).

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Barolo's Barale Sisters Respect the Past and Look to the Future

Eleonora and her sister, Gloria, represent the fifth generation to take the reins at Barale Fratelli, a Piedmontese winery whose history in the Barolo region runs 150+-years deep. The fact that they are not fratelli at all, but sorelle (sisters), is as important as the fact that they are still making exceptional, traditionally styled Barolo. They uniquely represent the new generation in Barolo: proud women holding leadership roles in what was once a very male-dominated context, but with ties to the past and great respect for tradition. If they are indeed the future of Barolo, then there’s a beautiful symbiosis of past and present in store.

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